So if you follow me on facebook or twitter you will know that I have moved to a spanking new website!


It was created by Colleen Sweeney a talented graphic designer who is behind the web design for Angela Grace Jewelry and the logo for the Fashion East Fashion Blog. It was such a pleasure working with her and achieving our goals to make a clean website with some drool worthy photos by Christina Arsenault. There you will find a new tumblr blog to keep you updated on the happenings over here.


In addition to the fancy new website we have added a catering page. The catering page offers information about weddings, corporate and any special event needing a little something special. I have a few weddings booked for this summer and am working on some menus for the fall. This is really exciting for me because I love working with clients to specially tailor what I do to their needs, like designing packaging, or working together to create your very own truffle flavours.


So now that I have moved this will be that last post over here, so please head on over and check out our new site!



Oh it’s finally here, warm sunny breezes are blowing through the room right now and it feels so good to have the windows open. Airing the place out in the spring is always something I look forward to especially after such a long a dreary winter, not to mention that smell of chocolate and caramel just must be aired out of here!

Besides flowering bulbs, reading dates on citadel, and dusting off the BBQ I have something else super exciting to look forward to this year. A spanking new website by the lovely Colleen Sweeney and pictures taken by the talented Christina Arsenault. They are the best little talent package a girl could ask for. I just can’t wait to see it up live, but until there here are some of the photos

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Eat your heart out

Even though we are expecting one hell of a storm this Saturday you can still find me at the Historic Farmers Market from 7am-1pm. For those who are already getting cabin fever from the though of staying in all day come see me at the market for some endorphin releasing chocolate!

And if it really does become stormageddon don’t fret because you can still visit Local Source and P’Lovers for your cocoa and honey chocolate needs


These sweet little guys will be available too along with some heavenly hazelnut caramel hearts and marshmallow shaped hearts

Wedding Bells

This Sunday January 27th I will be at my first wedding show sampling some chocolates and talking to couples about chocolate. I am so very excited! The plan is to show a variety of ideas of ways to have our chocolate at your event whether is be favors or a whole variety on a chocolate table.

So if you are getting married or planning a wedding you should stop by and see all of the awesome Nova Scotian businesses.

Cocoa and Honey will be offering up 3 gift boxes for 3 lucky winners who attend the show!

35 dollar box 2

Hope to see you there!

Christmas time is here

The little chocolate elves are working their tiny butts of making loads and loads of chocolate, I’m trying to keep up with taking down orders, and my poor house looks like it got rocked by a hurricane. Happy Holidays!

I am so ridiculously happy with the amount of business that I have been doing for the holiday season. Selling out is so rewarding and terrifying all at the same time. I have come to the realization that if I sell out it is a good thing! Although it is daunting to start from scratch every 4 days.

When this all started I had grand plans of having recipes and a how to guide about chocolate and lots of photos and fun stuff. Well maybe that is the going to be my New Years resolution.

Until then, here is one mouthwatering photo for you to enjoy.


oh and a song

Fun Fall Flavours


Now that we are into the single digits all I want to do is eat, make, and smell caramel. I want it in my coffee coating my apples or just on a spoon all on it’s own. Today my friend Jess and I headed over to Burnside to get some jars, me for my caramel her for her hot sauce, and now I can’t wait to have it out there in the world and to hear how you take your prescribed caramel.

Around the Corner

Well the nights are cooler and the days are noticeable shorter that must only mean one thing, Autumn. It is my most favourite season of all especially here in Nova Scotia with the abundance of colour that seems to shift from yellow to orange and red before your eyes. The farmers markets are also getting packed with the end of season harvests and fresh pressed apple cider. I know we still have a few weeks left of summer but I can’t help but get excited for the fall and the things that are brewing here at Cocoa and Honey. Stay tuned, I promise to post more often!

Hello Friends!

Hello Friends!

Hello Friends!

Our first post!

I wasn’t too sure what I should talk about for the first post so I though that I would outline what will be going on here and what you can expect in the future!

Chocolate (obviously!)

Market Meals, documenting what we eat and the food we get from the market

New Stuff! You will see it here first and get a discount for mentioning it!

Daily life as a chocolatier/confectioner (it’s not all rainbows and unicorns)

And much more, hopefully we can get some great feedback from you as well. Letting us know what you like and giving you a chance to help us create new deliciousness.

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